Foal in Utero Program Policies and Conditions

Guarantees and Conditions of Purchase of this Foal:

1. The Seller of this foal is the Owner of the Dam and has Full Authority to Sell the Foal.

2.Seller is responsible for foal health from birth to 30 days old. After one month buyer is responsible. Foal insurance is encouraged. Shoenail Ranch can help facilitate this if needed.

2. The Seller Guarantees the Registration Papers and Completed Transfer of Ownership to all Foals that are eligible for Registration with AQHA, APHA, or ApHC.

3. Seller will Register the Foal, if eligible, and pay the fees to Register the foal.

4. Seller will care for the Dam of this foal during her pregnancy and after foal is born. Seller will provide her feed, health care, vaccinations, de-worming, and dental care. The cost of Dam's care is the responsibility of the seller. Mares are Vaccinated prior to foaling to aid in her providing good colostrum to foal.

5. If selected before born, Seller will contact Buyer when the foal is born and provide information on gender and color, via phone call or text. Seller will send monthly pictures so buyer can see foal as it grows and develops. Visits to ranch by appointment are also available.

6. Seller is responsible for cost of feed and basic care of Foal through weaning time, and initial halter training.

7. Seller will provide general health care for foal through weaning time. Seller will give the foal dewormer while in her care at her expense. We try to provide a very safe environment for foals, but should an injury occur like a cut or scrape, Seller will care for foal at her expense, as she sees fit. Records of all dewormings, and any other medical care prior to pick up will be provided to buyer.

8. Seller will vaccinate foal prior to being picked up.

9. Seller will freeze brand foal with Shoenail Ranch brand before foal leaves ranch.

10. Foals will be weaned when around 5 months old. Age at weaning will be determined by seller.

11. Seller will provide initial halter-training of foal after weaning.

12. Buyer may have a Vet examine foal before pickup. Cost of any vet exams or tests are the responsibility of the buyer.

13. Seller guarantees the foal to be healthy at the time the foal is weaned and ready for pick up.

14. Seller will arrange for any Coggins Tests and Health Certificates needed for transport.

15. When foal is weaned, buyer is required to arrange pick up. Board will be $10 per day after foal is ready unless other arrangements have been made with seller. Buyer must pay expenses monthly if boarded. Failure to pay for Foal & expenses will cancel sale. If buyer fails to pick up foal 60 days after weaning, unless other arrangements are made, the foal may be considered abandoned and the seller has the right to cancel the sale with no refunds.

16. Seller will provide a halter and lead rope to transport the foal.

17. Buyer may pick up foal personally or send a friend, relative, or hired person to transport foal. Buyer is responsible for Transport Costs. Seller will assist in providing names of horse transport people or transport companies if needed. Seller will work closely with Buyer and Hauler to coordinate safe transport of foal. Pick up of foal is by appointment.

18. Once the foal is paid in full and picked up all sales are final, with no refunds.

Purchase of Foal-

1. When buyer and seller complete this agreement, and buyer pays seller the deposit, the Foal or Un-Born Foal will be taken off the market and reserved for buyer.

2. Buyer must make Monthly, or Bi-Weekly payments on foal through payment period, unless other arrangements have been made.

3. Payments can be set up to extend through the balance of the pregnancy, and up until the time the foal is expected to be weaned. Payments are customized for each buyer.

4. Foal must be paid in full along with other other expenses due before foal may be picked up. Registration papers/Transfer will be released to buyer when all expenses have been paid and foal has been picked up.

Reasons the Sale of this Foal may be Cancelled:

1. If Dam fails to deliver a Live Foal.

2. If Foal is born with a rare Birth Defect (example: Cleft Pallet)

3. If Foal Dies or becomes seriously/permanently injured before it is 30 days old. (examples: Leg Injuries resulting in permanent lameness or permanent unsoundness; Eye injuries resulting in blindness.) Again, buyer is urged to purchase insurance for foal at 30 days of age.

Refunds & Remedies

If this Sale is Cancelled due to Reasons 1, 2 or 3 above;

1. The Seller will offer the buyer the option of transferring All funds paid toward the purchase of the original foal to a different un-born foal, weanling, yearling, prospect, or horse owned by seller that available/for sale. In this case, the buyer would have up to 24 months from the time the sale is cancelled to select another foal/horse. No refunds will be given.

3. The seller may offer, at her discretion, to rebreed the same dam to the same sire (if available), or horses of similar bloodlines to create another foal in the future for buyer, to replace foal from cancelled sale.

4. If purchase of original foal is cancelled and the buyer choses a foal/horse priced higher than original foal buyer must pay the difference in price.

5. A new purchase agreement may be required for purchase of any replacement foal/horse.

6. If buyer fails to make payments, without prior arrangements, seller will cancel sale with no refunds.